I woke up yesterday full of the joys of summer. That's a lie. I woke up yesterday, and that's good enough for me. Anyway, I decided to take a walk to Alnmouth via the old railway track. It's a lovely route, full of wild flowers, and so beautifully deserted that I didn't meet another soul on the whole of the 3 mile walk:

I'd been worried about going outside on such a frighteningly sunny day, but I had some Factor 50 suncream left over from our 3 days of summer last year, and after laying it on about 1cm thick, I was prepared. The walk was tiring, but it was all worth it once I got to the beach. I don't normally like beaches on sunny days because a) I don't really like the sun and b) I don't like all the people who flock to the beach on sunny days, but it was perfect yesterday. Maybe because I'd been walking so long and really needed a rest. I had a mini-picnic (an apple and a packet of crisps) and then looked around Alnmouth a bit. For all my moaning of last week, I'm lucky to live in a place as nice of Northumberland. I love it that I can get to the beach by foot relatively easily and look round gift shops full of model boats.
In the evening I made this pie. It didn't really stay together:
But it was DELICIOUS. Aside from the filo pastry feta and spinach pie that's now become one of my regular recipes, I've not really made many pies before. In the evening we headed off to the pub, which was also pleasant. I think being able to drink very little alcohol has made me appreciate it much more.
Today I've been feeling a bit sniffly and headachy, so I seized the opportunity to hide from society and did various boring chores around the house like replace lightbulbs and search (fruitlessly) for my much-mourned lost Thermos flask. I watched 3 more episodes of Mad Men and played Crusader Kings II. I'm currently the pagan Emperor of Scandinavia and I'm doing very well. I took a quick evening walk round the castle to try and pretend that I'm not a recluse but ended up getting annoyed with all the youths mistakening rural Northumberland for downtown Detroit and playing 'rap music' from their 'cars'. Now I'm back to conquering Europe on my laptop, as is my custom.