I've been experiencing a period of relative psychological stability, or 'happiness', as the young people are calling it now. It might be due to the lowered pollen count, or the weather, or pure chance, or the combination of sanity snacks with hayfever medication every morning to create a hitherto undiscovered feeling of calmness. It might be that my undiet is working a bit, as I can no longer gather the fat around my belly button and make it into a little mouth to talk to when I feel lonely. Or it might be that when I went bouldering just now, three HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE AND MUSCULAR Irishmen, more specifically, Cork, going by their accents, joined us. Obviously I didn't speak to them at all, because that would be awful because I'd probably accidentally blurt out 'So I want babies, quite soon. Oh, I'm Katie, by the way'. For some reason, it's frowned upon in society to suggest having babies with somebody before you know their names. Stupid society.
I'm also happy because I started following Gerry Adams' dog, Snowie, on Twitter, and he followed me back and replied to one of my tweets. It's one of the most ridiculous and also one of the best things that has happened.