This weather is JUST WHAT I need to chillax a bit. Even if my version of 'chillaxing' in the sun is very like my version of chillaxing in winter, that is, sitting around nursing a metaphorical shotgun, willing society to just go away and leave me to my solitude:

(note: the shotgun is strictly mythical, as is my hatred of society, to some extent)

Last week was dead stressful and that. I'd been quite busy, and then there have been a couple of legal translations that I just struggled and floundered with for days on end until I was actually nearly crying. And they turned out bad, and the other translations I had to do didn't get the time or attention they needed, and I had to rush them, so they turned out bad too. And the hayfever's been affecting my eyes pretty badly, so I've been sat at my desk both sadly and blindly. Because I'm me, I'm not even able to just draw a line under it and say it was a bad week; I'm now calling my entire career into question and considering running away to Mongolia, because a depressed mind has a certain flair for the melodramatic. It's not even as though legal translation is something I'm NOT interested in, either; I know that technical stuff isn't my strong point, so I'd not be beating myself up as much if the subject matter had been different. On the bright side, I know that my total overreaction to this is a symptom of my general mentalism, so the only thing left to do is to convince my brain that I'm not an idiot.
I have been utilising this weekend well so far. Last night I became jealous of Rhian's allotment and decided to use my limited amount of outdoor balcony space to grow some plants. I'd been forced to buy a chive plant, which I've named Clive, so he's been repotted and relocated outside, along with his new dill, basil and radish future friends. I then went a bit manic, couldn't sit still, and cleaned all of the balcony, which led to me cleaning the windowsills, and then most of my house, and then rearranging the cleaning materials cupboard. Then today I bought some more cleaning materials and cleaned the settee, all of the windows and mirrors, and much of the furniture.
I did fun stuff today as well, though. I met up with some delightful trolleagues for brunch. Had baked Camembert and then logged it to myfitnesspal; it said that I had consumed EIGHT HUNDRED CALORIES. This meant I bought very little for my tea. However, I rechecked and it was more like five hundred, which is more or less acceptable for a brunch. Now I'm sad that I didn't get more for my tea. I also bought some hairspray, because I'm trying to arrange my hair into victory rolls for the party on Friday, and put up a clothes line on the balcony (to watch over Clive and keep him company until his plantlike friends grow).
Not sure what I'm up to tomorrow. I'm going to try and keep the obsessive cleaning to a minimum and might go to the beach, if the hayfever allows it.