I finished the Irish course on Memrise, YAAAAY. The grammar got harder. Like, the word for her and his is the same, but you know which one it is due to ECLIPSIS, also known as 'the start of the noun going a bit mental'. Like the word for cat is 'cat', but if you want to say 'our cat', it's

ár gcat'. ISN'T IT GREAT? It makes Irish harder though. I might do another Irish course. I've now reached 600 words in the Swedish course, so it's not being neglected, promise.
My herbs, too, have gone crazy:
I worry about them. I might have to repot some of them at the weekend, but I'm concerned that once I've started, I won't be able to stop until I create the Alnwick Gardens II.
I spent, like, ALL DAY psyching myself up to make the stupid call to the therapy people. Dug out my NHS number, put off cooking my tea until I was settled and ready, then forgot that of course, they close at 5pm today instead of 8pm during the rest of the week. SIGH AND FAIL. I could ring tomorrow morning, if I am awake (unlikely), or on Monday after work. Or I might do what I'm tempted to do and just ask if I can arrange the initial consultation by email. The consultation, of course, is also by phone (it's like system was set up to troll me), but you can do it in person if you like. I would prefer to do that, even if I must go all the way to Newcastle.
(Sort of) on the subject of phones, I'm considering purchase of a 'tablet' of some kind at the end of the month, if I have cash left over. I want to use my laptop a bit less, as the hard drive's possibly on the way out again (£100ish to replace), the battery's an idiot so the computer shuts down if you unplug it (£60 to replace), the keyboard broke last year after it met some coffee (not sure how much to repair) and it's not as easily portable as a tablet. If I could keep the laptop mainly for playing games upon, it might be wise to get a poncey tablet for my various social media/sharing inane aspects of my life habits. I've been recommended the Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy- does anyone have any opinions or advice? Keep in mind that I'm an idiot. Ideally, I'd like to use it for a BIT of gaming- can these modern devices run games such as Silent Hunter or Crusader Kings, my 2 favourite games ever? I know literally nothing about this.