Rang the people. Spent all of the phonecall shaking like a terrified rabbit. Am still shaking a bit. But I did it, and now I've got an appointment (by phone arghghghghghh) on 30th. Must remember to arrange to leave work early. In your face, insanity. I will beat you, then I can blog about something more interesting like how I've joined the RNLI/got myself a 'gorgeous hunk' of an Irish bouldering guy/am producing tens of adorable babies/gone mental in a good way and started personifying my chive plant (I've already done the latter).
I feel like rewarding myself with food, but that's a habit I've got to get out of. (I fell off the Undiet Wagon a bit when I went home last weekend, but am back on the wagon now. I weighed myself while home, as I don't own any scales up here, and I'd lost a couple of pounds. I was a bit disappointed it wasn't more, especially because I feel that I've lost some, but I guess the Undiet's only been ongoing for a couple of weeks).
I might reward myself with the Tablet Purchase at the end of the month. It's an awful lot of money, though. Can I justify that expense, especially as my research tells me I wouldn't be able to use it to play Silent Hunter 3?