It’s fairly rare to have a weekend in which I do not have to to gorge myself on ice cream. Yesterday I had the ‘bright idea’ of walking to the station and back. It took 4 hours.
I did take a couple of detours here and there, but o, it nearly killed me. It’s a very pretty walk, but it nearly killed me, and I have a stupid mentality that goes ‘No! Must not stop to rest! That will only prolong the walk! Must get home and clean!’

As a silver lining, Myfitnesspal assured me that I had burned off 900 calories (along with most of my skin, although I did use Factor 50). It mentioned that if I continued on in this fashion, I would be VIRTUALLY WEIGHTLESS in 5 weeks.
Today I happily trotted off to Edinburgh. I keep forgetting how close it is- just an hour away by train. It was tipping it down this morning, and my umbrella was trolling me by breaking and being less use than me putting a SPONGE on my head. It was hard to believe I was battling such gales after slapping on the sunscreen only yesterday. But soon (well, 40 minutes after I got off the bus to the station, ‘bus meets train’ my left buttock) the train appeared and I was away to Edinburgh to see little Rose! We trolled around the museum and chatted away merrily. We also went to A SWEDISH CAFE, which would have been exciting had Rose’s food not nearly poisoned her by being undercooked. My food (a sweet potato/feta/squash salad) was OK, but no more than that. The coffee was good, but I would expect no less from a cafe claiming Swedishnessness.
This was Edinburgh after ‘brightening up’
Overall, though, and despite the hideous weather, it was a very nice trip, and most fun to catch up with little Rose. I shall come back to Edinburgh, hopefully soon. I keep forgetting to leave Alnwick and see ‘other places’, to the extent that I sometimes forget that there’s a world outside Alnwick.
In other news, got my consultation with lunatic-healers on Tuesday. TERRIFYING. I don’t know what I’m going to say. I feel like a fraud because I’ll just be telling them I’m fine (thanks to sanity snacks), but no more than that. Rather like the food in the Swedish cafe. It’ll be by phone (ARGHHRGH) and will last 45 whole minutes. Shriek.
In other other news, I’ve had a random mad idea to go on holiday to a Swedish farm. Stay with me, right. I’ve not gone mad. I now know 700 Swedish words and/or phrases. BUT I CANNOT STRING THEM TOGETHER. I must first conquer my terror of speaking it out loud, and then, y’know, improve it. And there are farms across Europe where you can volunteer the fruits of your labour for a couple of weeks in exchange for bread and board. Although some are odd:
T’wouldn’t be till next year if it happens anyway, because I have 10 days of holiday left this year, and if I did this, 2 weeks is about how long I’d like to spend doing it. I would not wish to leave myself with 0 holidays for the rest of the year.
Now I am going to catch up on some ice cream-gorging.