YES. A year to the day that I was merrily diagnosed. It wasn't merry at all, actually, it was very scary waiting in the waiting room all by myself and I nearly just walked out (fellow anxiety-fiends will know the feeling of being so anxious that you just have to leave the room). I'm so glad, one year on, that I didn't. Getting help was the best thing I ever did. Even though I can't claim total credit for getting myself that appointment, as I know I have friends who'd have dragged me to the doctor by my very ears if they've have been around. Things have been on an upward trajectory since then-I quit my hideous stressful job and got a better one, I got a better place to live, and even developed hobbies. I no longer consider summoning up the will to get out of bed and brush my teeth a particular achievement. I'm interested in stuff. It might be slightly weird stuff, but still, it's an interest in things other than chucking myself off a bridge. I still get very anxious sometimes, and even very sad occasionally, but the main thing is that I'm living rather than just trying to hang on and keep up with everyone else. And besides, therapy is also a thing that I am doing. Sanity snacks are highly, highly recommended (by me, the lunatic, but also by most modern medical professionals under similar circumstances).
I am celebrating with WINE AND CHOCOLATE because I appear to be a stereotype of a single female in her 20s. I was not sure what wine to get, so I got some strange Greek red wine that seemed reasonably-priced. I'll probably manage under half a glass before falling asleep (another thing I have the sanity snacks to thank for), but it still counts as celebrating. Today was brimming with stress at work, but tonight I shall chillax and consider my purchase of a Nexus 7 some more.

TLDR: I'm less insane now I'm not in Buckinghamshire, though we knew that already, I'm celebrating with wine, which is probably not a great idea, OH and also I bought a Fidel Castro t-shirt (strikingly similar to the Che Guevara t-shirts I was wearing over 10 years ago, o I am so old).

Also I really want to have a baby.