HURRAH, the weekend is happening. I've had a week of going slightly mental in an office environment. Not in a bad way, just in a 'cooped-up, I can't remember when I last saw sunlight/a computer program that was not Trados' kind of way.
MY FAMILY ARE ARRIVING TOMORROW. That's just the thing I need to restore me to sanity. Lol jk, it'll probably make things worse. We're meeting up for a pizza tomorrow before possibly trolling off to their holiday house in Thropton. I've been having nightmares about them visiting my house and saying mean things about it, although this probably won't happen. Although when they came to my house in Buckinghamshire, my youngest sister Cerys decided to randomly open all the cupboards and comment on how messy the contents were. Then when I left my mum alone in the house for a matter of hours, I returned to find that she'd ironed all of my clothes and left me a note apologising for having ironed all of my clothes. It'll be fine this time though. I'm not stressed and will hardly spend any hours tomorrow cleaning my house. I went a bit mad and bought some wine to make it seem like I'm a proper person, but then realised that my mum and one sister do not drink, and my two remaining sisters are CHILDREN. I'll have to be in a position to offer visitors a range of drinks because this is polite, but the only thing I have besides wine is coffee, and none of my relatives but my father have the wisdom to be coffee addicts drinkers.
IT WILL ALL BE FINE. It'll be nice to meet up with them over the next week too. We might be trolling off to Bamburgh at some point. Bamburgh contains both my favourite beach in the world, and also memories of one of my favourite family holidays of several years ago. It'll be fun. Even if all my family are currently trolling me, as I've got a brother in Norway and another brother in Prague at the moment, so I'm the only one not frolicking round the country. I suppose, to be fair, I frolicked in Sweden a couple of months back and have thereby had the maximum allotted fun.
I also did some sanity adjustment CBT yesterday. Felt a bit weird to be on the phone in the car park discussing the extent to which I'm a danger to myself, but that's the compromise I've got to make if I don't want to take time off work to restore some sanity. Was super-nervous before the phonecall, and at the start when I had to say to what extent I'd been a nervous wreck over the past couple of weeks, I didn't want to mention that it was this very phonecall with my (very nice) therapist that had made me the most worried. But it was fine overall. We agreed that I understood a lot of the material and now just have to learn how to put it into practise to challenge my gnawing, all-consuming fear moderate to severe anxiety disorder. I guess after 25 years of thinking a certain way, it's going to take a while to start thinking another way. But with any luck, this will mean 75* years of relative mental health**, which'll be good.

**obviously I'll still have the good kind of insanity that causes me to occasionally omit odd albatross noises at work