I've spent the latter part of the weekend with my immediate family, minus brothers, so 'just' my parents and three sisters. It has been fun and tiring. Yesterday we went for a meal here in Alnwick (OMNOMNOM PIZZA, good job I'm not on a diet-oh wait). I then decided to go with them to where they were staying in Thropton and stay overnight.

It was pretty!
Today we did lots of the touristy things in Alnwick. This is good from my perspective because it's easy to forget how nice Alnwick is if you spend weeks there without ever leaving. We went to Barter Books, where I got a book so beautifully insane that it's getting a separate blog post. We then had a kind of floor picnic in my small house, and then went to the castle where I got to dress up as a medieval person, which is one of my favourite things to do. I also now have a pass to the castle that's valid for free entry for 12 months, which wins. Me and my mum went for afternoon tea (she'd been given a voucher of some kind) and it was a little disappointing in terms of quantity, and indeed quality, but still. It was a nice day, even if I've been so used to living alone that I freak out a bit when I have so many guests and not enough chairs. My house isn't even big enough to hide from my family in. Nevertheless, my parents proved they were good humans by bringing me wine, assorted memorabilia from the RNLI shop (YAAAAY) and loads of food, meaning my fridge is way fuller than before.
They're around all week, although obvs I am working so can only see them in the evening. We're off bouldering on Tuesday and possibly to Bamburgh on Thursday. WIN.