I've been a grumppot this week, which I'm blaming on my wisdom tooth doing the 'let us suffuse Katie with pain' routine rather than any character flaws I may have. But all this was erased when my NEXUS 7, aka Thorleif Bluetooth, finally arrived yesterday, after a week's delay from UK Mail that was incredibly frustrating.
I've never owned one of these 'modern-tablet-smartdevice-things' before so I was a bit worried about setting it up, but Thorleif all seems fine thus far. The only SLIGHTLY irritating thing, besides the fact that I can't work out how to customise the order in which my 'apps' appear, is that he's now started freezing and then restarting whenever I play YouTube videos. The search for how to resolve this issue continues, even though he was playing them FINE yesterday.
I'm going to try not to become too insufferable re. talking constantly about apps, but there's this one that lets you TRACK YOUR SLEEP and how much you move around and also RECORD SOUND ALL NIGHT. You have to sleep next to the tablet, but thankfully, there's enough space in my bed to put Thorleif beside me, and this sentence is tragic on very many levels. IT IS VERY WEIRD to hear what noises happen while you are asleep. I don't appear to snore or say things, but there was the noise of a door opening while I slumbered, so either the house is haunted or the walls between me and the neighbours are thinner than I first thought.
It was tempting to eschew social contact this weekend and stay in with Thorleif, but that's a bad path to start down, and I ended up being glad I'd decided to leave the house. First we went to AMBLE.

I was a bit obsessed with Amble before I moved to Alnwick and considered living there and commuting to work, but when I got here everyone starting pulling a face whenever I mentioned it and saying that it was rough. LIES. Well, no, it was a bit rough, but in a MOST EXCELLENT WAY. Also they have a unique accent (they pronounce Amble more like Ehmble, I'm told) and an RNLI station for me to volunteer at and BOATS, so I've decided I'm buying a house there and raising my chinchillas and babies and plants while doing occasional volunteering. Houses are pretty reasonably priced there too, so y'know, if I don't emigrate anywhere else, it might be to Amble.
We also trolled off to the BERWICK FOOD FESTIVAL at which I bought ginger wine and fudge. They also had alpacas and the man let me feed a carrot to one of them. It was fun. Berwick's very pretty and everyone seemed friendly. They are soon to have a SCANDINAVIAN FILM FESTIVAL THERE, which I have to get myself to somehow. There were loads of empty houses in Berwick, though. We trolled along the quayside and there were so many large houses with so much potential, right by the sea, all boarded up and looking at me with metaphorical sad eyes. I wish I had the money to do up a house. Although to be fair, I would only spend the cash on something stupid instead like building a lifesize replica of a U-Boat or founding a chinchilla farm.
After such an exciting day seeing other bits of Northumberland, I was going to take the rest of the day easy and just make my dinner, but then this happened.
I'd gone to Morrisons, but then was like 'o lol I'll just check to see if Wilko's have any cheap plants'. They did not, but they did have these greenhouses for just £6. Easy to assemble and hopefully sturdy, and ideal now autumn is on the way. I put it up while Thorleif played me Swedish radio. I also ordered some vegetable planters (cauliflower and carrot). You will note, to the top left of this picture, my hanging strawberry planter (one of two). Marnie the wilty passion flower has since been moved indoors in a last-ditch attempt to save her. My plans now include honeysuckle (which I can't seem to find for sale ANYWHERE), potatoes (in the new year) and mounted balcony planters, if I can find one at a reasonable price, for my flowers, which shall attract BATS. I saw a giant crow on my bird feeder during the week too. I've yet to hear about my allotment but shall chase them up next week.
My plans to troll off to Copenhagen at some point in the winter have not got any further because I've been distracted, but it remains in my consideration. Perhaps I shall ask Thorleif what he thinks.