What are you afraid of?
Yes, you are wise to ask the anxiety sufferer. Although I'd say being anxious and being afraid are subtly different (you can be anxious litch all the time but I don't know if you can be afraid constantly, and being afraid is often a response to something specific. So in terms of being anxious, it's either everything or nothing that I'm anxious about depending on sanity snackage effectiveness. In terms of being afraid based on the distinction above, I predictably hate public speaking. And telephones, and death (for some reason my brain associates the last two, the logic being 'You received sad and upsetting news a few times by phone, so this means that you will expect the same EVERY time you answer the phone LOL TROLLED'). Apart from that, I don't think much else. Oh, I tell a lie. Rhian and Pelle's tiny kitten Custard was, while adorable, also TERRIFYING because you never knew where he was going to spring from next.