Day 5 – songs you love right now
I never answer questions on songs very well because I am SO INDIE that I am nearly NOT COOL AT ALL. Or did I get that wrong? Yes, that should read 'so uncool I'm nearly indie'. Fine, I'll answer the question honestly but you will COME TO REGRET IT. One song I am currently enjoying is Dan O'Hara. I'm not sure who sings it (told you I was indie) but I like it, and I like the bit of the lyrics that are in Irish. Another song I currently like is Sailing to Philadelphia, which I got to know because- yes! They were playing it in my local branch of Wilkos. Now I am consulting my music-playing-device to see what else I have downloaded recently. Aha! Maria by Blondie, OBVIOUSLY, Only You (Flying Pickets version) and If They Come In The Morning/No Time For Love (Christy Moore version). I have excellent taste in music. Says nobody to me, ever.

Day 6 – your five senses right now
Totally haven't had to google what the 5 senses are because my knowledge of science is so poor, no sirree.
Sight: OK, although I've been having slight tension in my left eye, which has also caused me to appear quite cross-eyed, I've noticed recently. I am going to remedy this with my eye exercise app.
Hearing: All fine, as far as I can see. I can only hear typing and my boiler humming merrily.
Taste: I can still taste the remains of my dinner, which was 'random things I found in the freezer', in this case, chips, peas and veggie sausages #yesplease
Smell: The sense seems to be working but I cannot smell anything notable
Touch: Nothing notable to report, although the pain at the base of my spine is retreating quite a lot. HURRAH, NHS! I LOVE THEE!
Sixth: I can see the souls of a thousand angry ghosts (and angry goats), but that's nothing new.

Day 7 – your pet hates
I have so very many. People pronouncing things in ways I don't agree with is one, but there are too many specific instances to list. My trolleagues have found out quite a few, though, and use them liberally to annoy me. They also troll me by pretending that Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but the ongoing occupation of the six counties doesn't really fit under the heading of 'pet hates'. Spitting in the street is pretty horrible, although it does not bother me when footballers spit on the pitch, largely because I am less likely to be found on a football pitch than on a street. People hitting their kids in supermarkets? People telling outright lies about antidepressants in an effort to perpetuate the stigma about taking them? The latter two sound a bit too serious to be pet hates.