What's in your handbag?
Obviously I am not in possession of a 'handbag', but I do have 'ancient shoulderbag that I take to work'. It contains:
A couple of feedback forms asking for feedback on the various healthcare I've been getting over the past couple of months
My diary which is mainly used for my to write down my accounts #hardcore #yolo
Packet of tissues and comb
Ibuprofen, which I've recently learned I'm not meant to take due to conflict with sanity snacks
Proper hardcore 500mg paracetamols, with a post-it attached saying "NO MORE BEFORE 6PM!!!!!"
A small booklet about back pain (good God, everything in my bag relates to my health!!)
A litre Thermos flask that I use for coffee transportation to work
Purse and camera and phone and MP3 player
Oooh some chocolate *chomp*
A tube of Orajel for wisdom tooth pain (I joke about being a walking chemists, but this is ridiculous)
A spare sanity snack (ALL THE DRUGS)
Train tickets for my trip home next month YAY I have not lost them

There's some side pockets there too but I'm too scared to look inside. I know there's a streetmap of Oldenburg in there, but what else is there is a mystery to me, and this is how I'd like it to remain.
I'm now off to reassess the amount of medication I'm carrying around with me.