9. What are your worst habits?
They are legion. I discovered last week that I look quite fierce when concentrating on something. Not fierce like that Beyonce, but fierce as in like I want to lamp someone. Those of you lucky enough to be Facebook befriended with me will note this from my current profile picture. Also I have a tendency to moan about things or beings and not always being motivated or brave enough to change the situation. It annoys me in other people so it must annoy other people when I do it. I can be pretty impatient and sometimes say things without thinking, and then am too afraid to apologise properly when I reassess my behaviour. Sometimes I randomly gurn at people too.

10. What's your best physical feature?
MY EXCELLENT HAIR. I don't especially like the style (although clearly cannot be bothered to change it, SEE BAD HABITS FOR FURTHER DETAILS) but I like the colour at the moment, although Superdrug's Fiery Red hairdye is to thank for that. It's a brightish shade of red at the moment that could pass for natural, if necessary (the circumstances under which I'd need to pretend I'd not dyed my hair are difficult to imagine). Normally when I dye my hair, I don't think it's red enough at first, and then later on I grow to like it, but this time I was all like YAAAAAY IT IS THE PERFECT SHADE.

11. List 15 of your favourite things.
This is easy, for I have quite clearly defined favourite things. Coffee, gardening, U-boats, books, dialectology, Irish folk music, Vikings, historical strategy computer games, horror films, building model boats, archery (have not done it in a while, hoping to re-take up soon), climbing/bouldering, babies, chinchillas, and squishy cuddly toys from IKEA.