12. What's inside your fridge?
A wise question, for it is time I went to it and cooked my tea. I have 2 bottles of lemon juice, 1 bottle of Pizza Express house dressing left over from when my family came round and we had a floor picnic, a squirty bottle of Nume mayo, a bottle of bitter lemonade, a bottle of diet Morrison's own Cola, some orange juice, milk, 3 little tubs of hummus for my work lunches, a block of Nume cheddar cheese, half a block of halloumi, 2 eggs, half a packet of salad, and some vegetarian pesto (more expensive than pesto should be, but locating veggie pesto is like trying to drive a camel through the eye of a needle). This is a bit more than I normally have in my fridge because I tend to buy small quantities every other day rather than doing one big shop.

13. What is your earliest memory?
I remember being bad in our house in Colchester and my mother, by way of retaliation, putting my teddy bear Bernard up really high on the wardrobe ALL DAY so I couldn't get to him even if I climbed. Incidentally, this is a tactic she can still use as I have grown very little since then and have a similar attachment to Bernard. I think I must've been about 2 and a half – that was how old I was when we moved to pastures new, in this case, Bicester. The colour yellow features quite strongly in my memories of that house, for some reason.