16. What's at the top of your bucket list?
I'm not sure I like the term bucket list, but I'd love to go to Mongolia. I have the vaguest possible plan, which is that maybe if this 'go and work on a Swedish farm for a couple of weeks' idea goes well next year, I might maybe possibly do the same again the year after but in Mongolia. Memrise has taught me some very basic Mongolian (the numbers 1-10 and a couple of other) and it is very difficult to make the words remain in my head, but I should have a couple of years to become fluent.

17. What is your most proud moment?
In terms of being proud of myself, it was probably graduation. I know it seems like everyone's got a degree these days, and indeed I personally know some absolute idiots with better degrees than me, but still it's my degree, the product of 4 years of hard work and even harder anxiety. They were not the easiest of times, but I emerged like some sort of noble tortoise after hibernation. What am I talking about.
In terms of being proud of somebody else, it was when I saw my little sister Niamh do Irish dancing at a show. I knew she was good but I didn't know she was that good, and I embarrassingly welled up like a massive girl's blouse.

18. The meaning behind your blog name
I was obsessed with stroopwafels (all things Dutch, but mostly stroopwafels) when I started blogging back in the dim and distant past (2008). These days I'm neglecting the Netherlands in favour of Scandinavia, which is bad of me, and I might have to offer a burnt stroopwafel offering by way of confession. 72 is my favourite number, just because it is.

19. What do you collect?
I used to collect stamps, of course. Currently I seem to be collecting neglected and dying plants being sold dirt-cheap in supermarkets because I feel sorry for them, but I've decided I'm not allowed to buy anything plant-related for another week, unless it's honeysuckle (I've been searching litch everywhere for honeysuckle plants, also I think they are my favourite plant, o and they might help to attract bats, OK I will just have a quick break to look for honeysuckle plants on eBay). Also I collect pictures of uBoats, and books about anything I am interested in. I might go to Barter Books again tomorrow.