21. Your 10 Favourite Foods
I LOVE ALL THE FOODS, WHY MUST I ONLY CHOOSE 10? Nevertheless: pizza, halloumi, cherry pie, chips, olives, goat's cheese, bourbon biscuits, chocolate fudge cake, strawberries, and FALAFEL WRAPS LIKE WHAT I ALWAYS HAD IN OLDENBURG.

22. The Best Thing To Happen This Year
Pleasantly enough, I've got quite a few things to choose from, and can't actually narrow it down to just one thing. I've loved my new-found obsession with gardening. I don't know what exactly it is about it, and it may be my desire to have babies manifesting itself somehow, but whatever, I've loved it. If I get an allotment, that will be the best thing to happen in many years. Also I've enjoyed yet another hobby I've picked up (possibly due to increased serotonin levels in my brain), namely BOULDERING. I enjoyed that lots and lots. OH and also I went to Norway for the first time! I may have greeted Norway rudely by being ill on the boat over, but I don't think Norway holds a grudge against me. Necessarily.
Also on Thursday I got to hold A BABY. That made me almost twice as happy as gardening.

23. Your Dream Job
Lolz. I do quite like translation and think I can quite happily bumble along doing that for the foreseeable. I quite enjoyed the factory work I've done before, although I suspect that's showing my lack of imagination. I loved approximately 50% of teaching, it was just the remaining 50% that made me think it's something I can't do at this point in my life. I can't be a u-boat captain because I'm a pacifist. If I could be one while still being a good pacifist, that would be it. Also I quite like the idea of being an academic, because I'd get to research the more obscure dialects that I love, while doing occasional teaching but hopefully not teaching children who dismantle the printer and scatter the bits around the classroom. If I gain enough wisdom, I shall be an academic.

24. Your Favourite Childhood Books
I remember reading The Witches by Roald Dahl until the book fell apart. I remember reading a lot of Goosebumps and Point Horror books too, but I don't know if they qualify as favourites even though I read loads of them, because even as a child I didn't think they were especially well-written, just entertaining. As a younger child, I made my dad read Br'er Rabbit to me over and over again because I knew it annoyed him, to the extent that he'd replace every other word with the mild expletive 'flipping', e.g. 'Br'er flipping Rabbit went to the flipping shops and met his flipping friends and they were all flipping happy'. I trolled my father from an early age.

I have been a stressed pile of misery this week, especially today. I was slightly cheered by the appearance of garlic shoots in my balcony garden and tomorrow I plan to pick even more berries, with a view to making several pies and also elderberry vodka, because I know how to cheer myself up. My back muscles have been trolling me by going into occasional spasms of pain, although I think this is my fault for not doing as much yoga as I should have been doing. I shall have a good long sleep tonight and arise tomorrow, ready for foraging.