I have a most wise nan.
I HOPE I get an allotment next month, although the book my nan gave me is making me a bit paranoid that there's so much to know about and do that I'll never manage a whole patch of land. Or maybe I'll get really into it and be totally self-sufficient and finally build a house myself and sit on my balcony with a shotgun. That would be sane.
On which note, I'm really not delighted with being on 30mg of sanity snacks. Lol, I was going to say that I wasn't happy being on them, but I am. That's kind of the point. They're doing the job but I feel like kicking myself. I was SO NEARLY THERE after over a year of being on them, and was looking at coming off them, meaning I can do other stuff like JOIN THE RNLI, aka Secret Ambition, and now I just feel like this is a step in the wrong direction, and if all this misery of the past couple of weeks had been handled better, I wouldn't be having to put up with nearly constant nausea, reduced appetite after a couple of weeks of not eating properly due to craziness, dizziness and fainting. I'm not pointing the finger at anyone or anything or owt, it's just…inconvenient. DASHED inconvenient. A plus side, in a way, is that I feel like I can talk about it more openly now. It was never anything I hid, exactly, but if I discussed it, it was always in 'hushed tones', but now I'm happy to just talk to whoever about it.
ALSO to wildly change the subject, I'm wearing a white poppy for the next couple of weeks. It's the kind of thing that often provokes discussion because so many people just haven't heard of them. I think it's a good thing that they're getting discussed, and nobody seems to have take massive offence, which is always a worry. I became paranoid on finding Facebook groups that violently disagreed with them (the one I've linked to isn't the worst I've ever seen since it doesn't appear to be calling for white poppy-wearers to actually be hanged. Maybe Facebook got rid of that one).
I'm going to spend the weekend playing decidedly non-pacifist computer games and looking after myself a bit more, especially eating-wise. Going insane does WONDERS for your figure. Time to eat ALL THE THINGS.