I phoned up Tesco yesterday to tell them about my Nexus woes. They were very helpful, actually. I'd expected to be on the phone for ages explaining that I'd already tried 100% of the help tips available on the internet and thought I'd have to fight them a bit, but no. Thorleif the Second will be arriving next week. Sadly this means that his father, Thorleif the Elder, will have to be borne to Valhalla (or returned to Tesco, if you inhabit the boring 'real world', but let's face it, why would you choose that?).
This is pretty sad, but hopefully Thorleif the Second will work better than his father, and I'm glad the whole thing was easier to sort out that expected.
Had an actually fantastic day at work today. My 'proactive' approach has been working rather better than my 'wallow in misery' approach and today I got the reassurance I needed from the people who I needed said reassurance from. All that it took to switch my brain back into happy mode was the phrase 'I think you're doing a good job, just keep on doing what you're doing'. It'd PERHAPS have been nice to hear that pre-insanity outburst, but still, it's done me loads and loads of good. Either that, or the sanity snacks are properly kicking in. I did get even more excited about babies than normal today, to the extent that complaints were made about the pitch of my squeals.
Am off on a road trip to St Abbs tomorrow YAY. I think there will be loads of boats, which makes me happy and maybe justifies an early start (I have been sleeping proper deeply lately and have struggled even more than usual to wake up on time, even after setting FIVE ALARMS). Oh, and I'm going home for Christmas! And staying until the day after New Years day! Still not sure how to get there without bankrupting myself by paying ALL the money for a train fare, but megayay. Perhaps I shall buy gifts for my family at the Christmas markets of COPENHAGEN.