We trolled round St Abbs yesterday, it was well pretty.


St Abbs is about an hour's drive north of me, and is also in SCOTLAND so wins extra points from me, in a kind of Celtic solidarity way. We set off at 9am, which for me is horrendously early for a Saturday, but once we were there, I thought it was worth it. It was so peaceful. It's not like Alnwick's a thriving metropolis, but St Abbs still felt like such a contrast. There was a lovely stillness and peace about it. We headed back at about 1pm and I felt so relaxed that I felt like a nap. I should go to Scotland more often, it is not very far away at all.
Today my main occupations have been rather more boring (not that going for a quiet country walk is everybody's idea of excitement. I'm doing this legal course for work and there's a fair old bit to learn, so I dedicated most of this afternoon to a chapter of that (torts and equity, to be precise). I've also attempted to install a 'curtain' in one of my upstairs windows, but without drilling, screwing, or indeed a curtain. I bought a load of hooks and stuck them to the window and have attached a blanket to said hooks. This is all because my neighbours have installed outside our houses a motion-activated light that is so bright that it is reminiscent of literally all POW films. I'll be happily slumbering in my bed and then suddenly the light will switch on, alarming me and making me want to dig an escape tunnel or something. The makeshift curtain has fallen down three times and I am too scared to go upstairs and see if attempt no. 4 is still OK.
Oh now I have typed this, I have to go and check.
OK I might give up on that and just deal with the prison camp light.
I might be trolling off the Berwick next weekend to visit Little Rose. For now, though, I'm going to cook my tea (spinach and feta filo pie and sweet potato chips because of my love of middle-class food) and research whether adhesive curtains are real.