I've spent about a quarter of the weekend on Memrise because I'm insane. I've started to do courses that I could relate more directly to work – law, for example, rather than Old Norse. I say 'rather than', I mean 'as well as' because my language-learning philosophy is along the lines of 'the more people tell me learning the language is ridiculous, the more likely I am to do it'. I've been doing this other law course with UCL and it's good and that, but hardly anything sticks in my head. I never remember stuff unless it's repeated like, 40 million times, and then I remember it FOREVER. LIKE MY GRUDGES #llolkidding #maybe. Anyway, it should all help me become wiser at legal translation and hopefully convince my trollployers that I'm not as thick as I look. Although lots of people assume I'm intelligent because I'm reserved. Little do they know that I spent another quarter of my weekend playing…
CRUSADER KINGS. I've just crowned myself King of Lithuania and am playing on 'ironman mode', meaning you can't manually save, so you have to live with all the mistakes you make, JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE except that I haven't made any assassination attempts on my wife in real life. My character was King Sabe, who I called King Shibe after the amusing meme, and after he died in battle, his fat gluttonous son took over. I wasn't too confident at first but he's been at war about 8 times during his decade in power so he's learnt a huge amount about warfare. Now I need to decide whether to troll the Finns in the north, or take on all of the Christian world (I'm a member of the Romuva Baltic Pagan religion, which is not as fun as playing as a follower of the Norse religion because you do not get to do human sacrifices) to the south, starting with the fledgling Holy Roman Empire. I might have to troll the Finns first, and the remains of the Norse, and THEN troll the Christians, ideally when the Holy Roman Empire's in conflict with the Papacy and has set up an antipope. Hmmmmmmmmm. I muse.
My smallest sister Cezzi has been trialling a MENTAL THING FOR YOUR EYESIGHT where you wear contact lenses at night and it, like RESHAPES YOUR EYES AS YOU SLEEP and when you wake up you take them out and you can SEE PROPERLY FOR ALL OF THE DAY. I would be very interested to try this and have asked for 'further information', although sadly I expect it'll be very expensive. Cez seems to be benefiting from it. It appeals to me because it might result in more long-term improvement in sight, and I am concerned, possibly due to my own fault in spending all of the working day in front of a computer and failing to take regular/any screenbreaks and then returning to another computer to conquer the Baltics in the evenings, that my eyesight shall further decline.
DENMARK ON FRIDAY. THEN SWEDEN. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. I've failed to do any packing. What do I need? I'm freaking out slightly because it's a while since I've travelled by plane with ONLY hand luggage and what if all my stuff is confiscate/pillaged by Danes? Although I guess it'd be the Scottish, since I'm flying from Edinburgh. Either way, I'd rather it didn't happen. ARGHGHGHGHGHGH.