Naww, I well loved my little trip to Denmark and Sweden. I'm not sure if there would be anything I'd have changed about it to improve it, other than cancelling the return flight, lolz. We trolled around Copenhagen on the Friday evening. It was very cool. I like Copenhagen lots and lots. Not least because I keep recognising bits of it from Borgen and the Killing, which probably makes me feel that I know the city better than I do.

We went to Tivoli that evening too and it was well pretty and lit up, then returned the next morning to TROLL ALL THE RIDES. I was very excitable. Little Rhian kindly and patiently fulfilled the exact role that my mum would have done on a family trip a decade ago; holding the bags and tolerating the excitement of her offspring. I got laughed at by some of the Danish staff for looking scared, but little do they know I'm nails. We went on most of the scariest rides. It was well fun.
Sunday was more laid back after SUCH EXCITEMENT. We toiled for a bit on Rhian and Pelle's EPIC ALLOTMENT and dug up many a vegetable. I think the potatoes were the most fun. I'll find out this month whether I'm getting an allotment and I think that if I do, I'll mostly plant potatoes. They are so good and plentiful. I also bonded with Custard the Terrifying and Adorable Cat, who trolled me by being totally adorable and lovely one minute then creeping up like a ninja and grabbing my face the next. Nawww. In the evening (after gardening and Radio 4, because we appear to be in a competition to become even more middle class) we went to church to hear the hymns, for it was the first day of Advent. I had never been to a church service in Sweden before. Last time I visited a religious establishment in Sweden, I disgraced myself by accidentally giving the bum of an important statue a hearty slap. This time all that happened was that my stomach rumbled very audibly at an especially quiet point. Rhian acted EVEN MORE LIKE MY MUM by giving me a coin to put in the collection plate, which is PRECISELY what my mum does with any of her children who come to church with her, even if said children are 25. I was slightly scared by this similarity.
It was quite fun reading the hymn book and order of service and picking out bits I could recognise. My studies in Swedish, incidentally, only seem to have brought me woe as I only seem to be able to understand useless stuff, certainly in terms of spoken language, like one train passenger informing another that she had a bit of her hair stuck in her mouth. Rather than useful stuff that'd help me function when I emigrate. But I shall keep plugging away and persevering.
I was sad to leave – OF COURSE I WAS. I'm beginning to associate Lund station with sorrow, which isn't very fair because it is a nice station. All this trolling through airports reminded me of when I lived in Germany and had to keep going away from places I didn't really want to leave (the West Midlands, in this case) after holidays. It's OK though, for I shall merely obsessively plan the next trip, providing I'm allowed after bringing yet more doom to the household of my beloved hosts (their fridge broke, which was probably the result of my malevolent influence).
It wasn't so awful being back at work though. It's exactly a year since I started at this company and to mark the occasion, my dear trolleague Alastair colluded with my mother to procure a load of humiliating childhood pictures of me, which were then sent off to much of the office. It was very well-timed, because just as he sent the email, I'd got a text full of smileys and hearts from my mum, telling me to have a great day. This is unusually soppy from my Scouse mother so I was suspicious. Voiced my suspicions to my giggling trolleagues, then checked my emails. SUCH PROFESSIONAL TROLLING. I didn't mind too much though, because I was an especially adorable baby, for one thing. Reflecting over the past year at work, it has been good, all things considered. Like, it's quite easy to get caught up in all the misery that's been going on since October, but things have been better anyway for the last couple of weeks, and also, I know that I'm not a total waste of skin and that I have some potential as a translator. There's stuff I've done that I've been proud of, and I think I was right to be proud of it too. Not everything I do is festooned with gold and talent, but still, I can only improve, and there's something to be said for having roughly the career that you want for the moment. And even more to be said for having fairly awesome trolleagues, even if they do troll me beyond all comprehension and refer to me as 'the hobbit' on a constant basis. I much prefer working in the kind of environment that's a bit more casual and close-knit, I reckon. It'll suit me until I emigrate to Sweden which is my secret aim.