I am settling down to my Friday evening habit of pizza and a horror film (this week I think it's going to be this one). Yesterday I merrily trolled off to celebrate Sinterklaas with some dear trolleagues, which was very nice. I'd unfortunately bought my Sinterklaas present while under the influence of Gluehwein, and thought it'd be a good idea to buy a computer game where you get to pretend to be Soviets, shooting Nazis. The true spirit of Sinterklaas. In return I got the rather more normal present of a Christmassy candle. It's inspired me to do some 'Christmas decorating', actually. Since I moved away from Trollparents aged 18 I've never really bothered to put up decorations because it'll only be me seeing it, but maybe I'm just feeling more festive this year. Perhaps it is the sanity snacks, who knows. It might be because we had a power cut at work for a couple of hours the other day and used the time to put up the Christmas decorations. I went a bit overboard and started festooning most unattended items/desk belonging to my trolleagues, not ALL of whom appreciated my attempts to spread festive cheer.
Baby Me being cute

O and this time last week we were merrily walking the streets of Copenhagen. Not in a prostitutious way. O would that I could emigrate. The visit renewed my Sweden-learning efforts, though. Because I'm turning into little Rhian to a dangerous degree, I've started watching excellent Swedish quiz show Vem Vet Mest every single day in an effort to improve my understanding. SUCH LEARNING. I've also been looking on Workaway and Wwoof to see if I can organise my Wise Plans for next year but it only made me concerned that the people I might stay with would either murder me, refuse to speak Swedish to me or just not like me very much, all of which would be awful.
I am bumbling around this weekend, hopefully doing some Christmas shopping online (avoiding Amazon, we shall see how this goes), doing SOME gardening but not too much, decorating my house but not to an insane degree, doing my Pesky Law Course for work and maybe dying my newly-short hair, although this worries me a bit because it might turn out, like, PROPER red. I'll also be devouring the Jerusalem artichokes I helped to dig from the fields of Skåne, using MY TEARS at no longer being on holiday as festooning.