Mourning my lack of being in Sweden (o it was but a week ago since we frolicked in the allotment!), I decided to cook the Jersusalem artichokes that little Rhian had kindly donated unto me. I'd never cooked with them before and had no idea what to do whatsoever, so I decided to just make something up, because that is how spontaneous and crazy I am.

Not the best picture, but I roasted the artichokes with garlic, also roasted some sweet potato chunks, added spinach I had languishing in my fridge and festooned with feta, olives and spring onions. I very rarely make up recipes because there was that time when I was a student that I decided to blend spinach and drink it because I was feeling sad, but this time it turned out really well.
I've had a fairly uninteresting weekend, just trying to get stuff done. I failed miserably in putting up Christmas decorations because I am too mean to buy any. I still feel Christmassy, though. I lit some candles today as a kind of Christmassy compromise. I'm well looking forward to going home before contemplating what on earth the next year will bring emigration to Sweden yesplease?. I also gave the house a proper clean, out of guilt for sleeping in until a sinfully late hour today (I'm not even going to say what time I woke up because I am so ashamed). I did a bit of my law course, which was actually very interesting this week (all about interpretations of statutory law and it had bits about linguistics, so that was good). Also I added sugar to the vodka I brewed a couple of months ago. Also I played a computer game called Democracy 3. I did quite well yesterday in making Britain more socialist, but today I tried to make Australia very fascist and ended up getting assassinated, which was sad. O and I did most of my Christmas shopping for my Trollfamily. I was hitherto unaware that the Oxfam online shop was so extensive and it served its purpose most admirably.
Now I am watching Border Force and learning stuff off Memrise. I keep getting distracted from Swedish by obscurer, more innuendo-ridden courses: