Oh, hmmm, hello. Hmmm. I'd just like to direct your collective attention to a guest post I produced with my own fair hands and eyes in the blog of my trolleague Lloyd, hmmmm. It's all about linguistics, don't you know, more specifically Black Country dialects and the use thereof. I enjoy writing stuff like that and would totes blog about linguistics more often if I were a better person. An ungraded 72stroopwafels, if you will (144stroopwafels?). As regular readers will be aware, I'm a lazy and selfish blogger and it's just easier to be all like 'lol this is what happened to day lol I am so crazy mmm I heart cake'.
I've been doing YET MORE 'networking' though. Well, it's not networking because I hate that word. I joined a group for literary translators, which I'm not (certainly not the former and just barely the latter), but it's something I'm interested in. I've been putting off introducing myself in their online forums because I'm too shy. But maybe I shall do this shortly and try to come across like a normal person, although I guess normal people are few and far between in the world of translators. Or the world as a whole, come to think of it. I only know a small minority of people I'd describe as 'normal', but maybe that just says something about my friends.
This weekend I will be battling with my toothache (and maybe doing some more networking HMMMM HMMMM don't you know) and wondering why wisdom teeth even exist if all they do is grow into your cheek when you've been too lazy to register with a dentist and have spent money you would otherwise have used for dental treatment on cake and pictures of U-boats. I might try and make this, from a recipe produced by my dear trolleague and neighbour Alastair (sharing the blog karma!). I MIGHT obsessively look at farms for sale in Sweden and idly consider our commune idea, but while it would make me happy to consider this, it will not really get me anywhere. O and I shall troll off to Barter Books. There are many things I love about living in Alnwick but I think Barter Books in winter might take the crown. Open fires and reasonably-priced coffee, thrice-baked chips in the cafe, free WiFi and enough books to keep me entertained for all of the day. Much hygge.