I sometimes think I'm entirely held together by Citalopram and coffee, BUT NO – gardening as well. I wonder if I could convince the mental health services that I need an allotment? Seeing as they WON'T EVEN send me to Sweden after ADMITTING that it is good for me, trololol. I've begun to horde seeds and plan out the as-yet non-existent allotment.


YOU SEE THE ISSUE. I have to thank for a goodly number of these, and the rest I just plundered from winter sales in various shops. HELP ME. I cannot plant everything on my balcony, much as I've tried. Might have to chase up the council tomorrow, just to see where I am on the waiting list. If I have to wait until NEXT December I might weep. I did some balcony gardening yesterday and it was SO MUCH FUN to potter around with my cup of coffee. I put the tiny 'carrots', if you can even call them that, into a smaller pot, which is now in my greenhouse. They're not going to get a huge amount of growing done over the winter, sadly, and they were just languishing in the carrot planter I bought specially. Into this carrot planter I have now planted garlic and onions, which will benefit from the extra space, I hope.
I've not done a huge amount else other than madly look forward to going home for Christmas. Ahhh, it'll just be nice to have a change of scene and troll my siblings for a week or so. I should start packing at some stage, but I have been too busy eating sweets. Also I purchased a window insulation kit from Wilkos, which is the very height of faffiness to put up – or it is if you are me. Also my windows now look wrinkly and sad, like my face, despite me using a hairdryer on them as the kit recommended. But hopefully it will put an end to the damp and the cold, or at least go some way there. Last night I attempt to replicate the merry times of a couple of weeks ago and create glögg. It went fairly well, especially with the saag sweet potato I conjured up inspired by little Trolleague Alastair's recipe.
I shall later this evening be doing my annual 2013 meme because I am totes copying , as I do in all things, except for her love of beer. First I shall shower, however.