I'm currently living in a quite good small house about which I have few complaints, however, I've been keeping an eye on what's available locally partly just because I'm obsessed with looking at houses online. Possibly I was an estate agent in a past life, and this current life is a punishment for that.
Anyway, for the first time I've actually seen a flat that I would be interested in PURCHASING as in NOT RENTING but BUYING. It's not any bigger than what I've got now but it's just up the road and has a small gravelled outdoor space that'd be enough room for the plants I currently have. It's only got one bedroom, but a plus is the fact that I could just about afford the deposit without celestial parental intervention. The mortgage repayments, assuming I put in an offer at the asking price and that I used ALL of my savings for a deposit, would be about £30 each month more than I pay in rent, and that would obvs be lower if I went in below the asking price or scraped together more of a deposit.
It's very tempting, although there be downsides. The main one is my terror of commitment. Although I reckon it's nicer than where I live now (and where I live now is nice enough), it's something that ties me to Up Here for a while, and that's scary because I don't know how 'rooted' I am. I might go insane and start a commune in Sweden. This is by no means outside the realms of possibility. And on a related note, is it worth me spending all the money I've saved for years on a house that's only marginally nicer than my current abode, when I could spend the money on other stuff like loads of cakes, an MA, or a baby?
I'll have a think and mull it all over, I suppose. It's a bit of a first world problem, so not worth losing a huge amount of sleep over (although when did that ever stop me?). Anyone interested in seeing the link to said house and who is not my Facebook friend may merely ask, and it shall be messaged to them.