I'm currently feeling a little bit 'delicate', which is to say, I'm currently sat in a heap on the sofa covered in blankets and a duvet and have been for some time. This is the fault of the 'office Christmas party', seemingly designed to troll introverts throughout the world. I don't feel too bad any more, to be honest, I'm confined to the sofa more by my own laziness than by feeling ill.
It was fun though, even if I decided to ignore the whole 'lol I'm on medication so shouldn't really be drinking' doctor's advice and that. I was able to absorb a reasonable of alcohol despite this. I even managed to haul myself out of bed relatively early this morning to go to the opticians. This, please note, forms a major step in my development as a Proper Person, since I'd previously always gone to the same one back home and never organised my own appointments before. I still have terrible eyes but we are looking at getting me a new contact lens prescription which lets more oxygen into said eyes meaning that when I wear them for HOURS ON END, my eyes won't shrivel up like they normally do. The appointment was hindered slightly by the fact that I'd forgotten letters in my over-tired state, but hopefully nobody noticed this.
I've got a lot of packing to do tomorrow as it is HOMEWARDS the day after tomorrow and I have not been very useful today. I'm not especially looking forward to the journey which I'll be making with a suitcase that's nearly bigger than me, but I am looking forward to being at home. In the meantime I am happily playing Crusader Kings II as some Vikings who are trolling the Anglo-Saxons, which is one of my favourite things to do.