HURRAH. I hope we all had a merry start to the new year. I'd planned to go up on the hills to see the new year in, but ultimately I was too lazy and also felt that the weather was too rainy and cold #softsouthernjessy. I stayed in and watched Dara O'Briain's standup show, which caused me to weep with laughter (aided by a bit of rum), so it was quite a nice evening in the end.
As but another cog in the capitalist machine, I'm not making resolutions, because I don't really have that level of control over my life, but here are some things I'd like to happen:

– Be less of a grumppot
I can be very intolerant of people. Not ALL the people I encounter, obviously, because then I would surely have been locked away by now, but I do get very irritable with a minority of the population. I'd be a much improved version of Katie if I could let that go and just accept that not everybody is going to strike me as litch the best person ever, nor I them.
-Learn to drive, finally
Beloved parents kindly gave me money to learn to drive as a Christmas present, thus removing one of my few remaining excuses for not learning. I have to get on with it, don't I?
-Lose a BIT more weight
I lost about half of what I wanted to from the summer till now. When I first started, it was actually a bit easier than I expected, but then following my Difficult October, I let things slide a bit and stopped logging on myfitnesspal, like a lazy lunatic. I must resume logging all of the food I consume so I feel guilty about it
-Continue donation to random charity each month
I should clarify that the charity is never TOTALLY random. I have yet to donate to the society for disabled hens, largely because I don't think it exists. It's a good idea though, I think. I like picking out a different charity each month, I think it's good that I'm having to think about it a bit.
-Come off the sanity snacks
This won't happen till halfway through the year at the very earliest, but it would be so nice. Not the end of the world if I don't manage, but still something to aim towards.
-Sort out the epic Sweden trip
I'm losing a bit of hope, partly because I don't think I'll be allowed two consecutive weeks off work now, and partly because I'm a bit scared of staying with random strangers who may murder me. I must overcome these obstacles.
-Overcome my terror of Skype
An impromptu but merry chat with Sweden yesterday reminded me that Skype is a good way of staying in touch with people, and now I have Thorleif rather than Tired and Broken laptop, it is even easier.
-Get one of those 'desktop computers'
If I can figure out where on earth in my house to put it. This will help me play computer games do serious grown-up stuff like read about mortgages or pensions or whatever it is real people do.
-Have a baby
-Come home a bit more often
May be impeded if the Epic Sweden Trip happens because I somehow don't have unlimited holiday, despite my lofty status within the organisation, but yeah. Whenever I do come back, I always think 'lol why don't I come back a bit more often'. Even if it's only for the weekend, and even if it is rather very expensive, I think it would be worth doing.

And may verily your own 2014 be filled with whatever you would like it to be filled with. I will be blogging throughout, as I have been doing since 2008. Incredible how I've managed to say so much, while saying so little, all this time.