YES. After repairing my thermostat at 2am this morning, I awoke with an insane desire to buy a spice rack SO I DID. It has freed up a large amount of cupboard space, meaning that I can store all my bird food away, which has made me more happy than it should. I am now considering using my work Christmas vouchers to buy a moisture trap as part of my ongoing battle against the huge amounts of condensation in my house. I can't work out if I've aged a good 20 years overnight or am just looking for ways to fill my weekend so I won't have to think about booking scary driving lessons.
I spent a good part of yesterday clearing up the communal garden after noting that it had been used as a rubbish tip over the Christmas period. I'm not convinced it's normal to get as furious about litter as I do, but my mood was soon lifted when I went to Wilkos and saw that they'd replaced the Christmas section with LOADS OF GARDENING STUFF. I was quite restrained and only bought seed potatoes, compost, and a grow your own tomatoes pot. I nearly bought a hessian sack that you can hang on a wall and use to grow herbs, but I'm not sure exactly how I'd hang it from an outside wall, since even Command Strips have their limits.
It's been quite odd having a weekend after a one-day working week. I suppose it was quite a nice way of easing back into the working routine, even if my sleep patterns are still slightly skewiff (hence the late-night DIY). Now I must 'look into' driving lessons as I've more or less run out of excuses, although I have a Kindle voucher that I could think about using to waste a bit more time.