I have ended up a veritable social butterfly this week, even to the extent of having actual people in my house who were supposed to be there and not burglars, who I cooked for. I get quite stressed cooking for other people, here is a visual representation:
It was nice though, and my guests are not visibly dead, not even of boredom at my pad thai being very bland (I didn't make enough sauce WOE). Thereafter we trolled off to see if we could see the Northern Lights, but couldn't see a huge amount out of the ordinary. Northumberland is proper spooky by night though. I think it must be the general lack of light pollution, it makes seeing the stars all lovely and nice. I need to appreciate Northumberland more, it's probably the prettiest place I've ever lived in, and I've lived in a lot of places (Colchester, Bicester, Malvern, Sheffield, Oldenburg, Amsterdam, Buckinghamshire and now here).
I've been busy at work too and even did some of the 'fabled and dreaded overtime' which involved me getting up earlier two days in a row, which has been less than good for my sleep. All tiring but good, and we merrily trolled off to the pub after work today and I had a gin and tonic like a proper adult, and it's totally not like I'm ruining that by being in my pyjamas eating pizza with garlic sauce now.
Tomorrow I'm off to Newcastlelike (I'm told that is the full name of said city) to TOUR THE KNITTING SHOPS and maybe visit a pet shop containing chinchillas if it's not too far off. Not to buy a chinchilla, probably.
On Monday I am ringing A Guy about Driving Lessons. Now I've written it, it has to happen SCARY SCARY SCARY.