THERE IS NO/LITTLE rest for the wicked, although I totes going to play Age of Empires after writing this, which probably counts as rest. I trolled off to Newcastlelike, aka 'The Toon', yesterday. You see how I have integrated. It was nice, I'd never really explored it properly before, and managed to go to Clas Ohlson, which feels like a step up from IKEA in terms of pretentious Scandinavian shops. Also I befriended some old Geordie socialists who agreed entirely with my opinion on the Tories, although they would, since they spend their Saturdays in the cold demonstrating against said Tories. WISE.
THEN I met up with Trolleague Chris, who is wise enough to appreciate a Brian Blessed impression. We toured FIVE WHOLE KNITTING SHOPS. I was spoilt for choice for the Secretive Things I am considering producing at the moment. I was fairly restrained and only bought four balls of wool and some circular needles. It was very fun, and we didn't even need to do loads and loads of walking, it just seemed to be fairly central. I trolled off on the bus, my copy of the Socialist Worker in hand, and stuffed some chips into my face on arriving back in Alnwick. I was off again that evening to commune at a film evening with further trolleagues, at which we watched 'The Wedding Video'. I really didn't think I'd like it for it seemed like 'a romcom', which it was, but emphasis was on the com rather than the rom, and the com was comedic indeed.
Today I did some gardening.
I'm going to need to start annexing other balconies at this rate. I bought a load of compost so was able to fill the second of those light blue bags and move some of the cauliflowers to give them all a bit more space. A couple have grown massive, which I'm surprised about because after my carrots failed, I wasn't holding out much hope for anything more complicated than garlic surviving. But weirdly cauliflower's probably been the most successful so far, although of cause I have no actual vegetables to show for it. You'll also observe the dark green bags in the foreground – they will contain potatoes in a month and a bit. The trip to Homebase and back, complete with the gardening itself and the manic cleaning of my house, is my justification for having a cinnamon roll for breakfast.
EXCITING THINGS DO LOOM IN MY FUTURE, I think. Doing – gasp – a whole two hours of overtime last week has made me think 'OMG I could leave work early one Friday using this time I have gained and totes just go somewhere for a weekend'. I was initially thinking of Liverpool to visit a u-boat I've always wanted to see, but it would be more expensive than I'd thought to get there, so instead I am now thinking of YORK. They have the Viking festival at the end of next month and I could always just troll along for the entire weekend for maximum Viking fun. I'm also going to see if I can get a whole 2 weeks off in June for the purposes on imposing myself on certain Swedish comrades, especially as there will be one additional baby-sized comrade by that point. HOW EXCITING, and excellent to focus on instead of the driving-related thing I'm ringing up about tomorrow that I'm officially not allowed to panic about until 3pm #therapy