For I finally womaned up and rung my driving instructor, who's probably enjoying his last stress-free evening in at least 10 weeks, for I start TOMORROW EVENING. I'm not yet as anxious as you might think, because I told him I know literally nothing and he didn't sound too scared. I have tried not make a massive thing of it, partly because that might stress me out more, and partly because it's the kind of situation where you end up having the same conversation with every single person and I do not like talking about driving anyway.
I bought my preemptive reward for this Terror from The Internet:
I am not allowed to eat any until first lesson has been completed.
O I have been a total stressbucket at work this week. I've had a fair amount to do and just can't concentrate, ending up feeling like I want to work from a silent, darkened room for a bit where I'd be allowed to burst into noisy tears if I found a bit of translation difficult. I may be slightly hormonal. I saw a baby jumper today and had a slightly teary moment. I need a holiday, you say? QUITE RIGHT. As soon as I have my holiday card back and have discussed it with 'Swedes', I shall be seeing if I'm allowed my adventure in June. I should get on with booking Viking York too, if I can get 'huge bum' into gear. Now I'm going to stop feeling stressed and watch Coronation Street, good job there are no heartrending storylines at the moment involving my favourite characters O ROY AND HAYLEY WHHHHHHHHY