Although whether it'll be a holiday for my poor hosts who'll have to endure me for TWO WEEKS remains to be seen. YES! I'M OFF TO BENIDORM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only joking, it's Sweden again, obviously, because I know what I like and I stick to it (I make a loyal but boring friend). I've not booked flights or owt but I know I have the time off work, which was the bit I was most concerned about. Booking flights might have to wait till I've not ploughed all my cash for the month into driving lessons. Of course, planning one holiday has led me to want ALL the holidays. York Viking festival will be next month but that's just a weekend and I'm not sure whether I'm going to stay in a hotel or just travel down each day, for that might be cheaper. A Viking wouldn't stay in a hotel. Also tempted to finally TROLL TO ICELAND, although not for very long, later in the year to take advantage of 'reasonably-priced flights' and the fact that I'd get to listen to people speaking Icelandic and silently weep for joy, etc.
I'm mostly filling 'waking hours' with free online courses at the moment. Alongside the one on terrorism, I'm doing one that's all about depression, because…well, fill in the blank. Because I have a broad range of interests, would be a kind way of filling in the blank. Because I'm a nutjob would be another.
It reminded me that I must do 'sanity snack' evaluation in a couple of months with a few to reducing 'epicly large dose for very mad person' to 'normal dose for quite mad person'. And, as my doctor put it, 'there's something quite nice about coming off antidepressants in the spring'. This kind of makes it sound full of traditional, rustic charm, as though I'll be sat by the window and suddenly see the first flowers of the year push their colourful heads through the hitherto frozen soil and, as a ray of warm sunshine passes over my face, will realise that not everything's terrifying, sad or both. Then I'll chuck the pills out of the window and merrily spread the good news to everyone I meet as I skip through the street. IN REALITY, a quick google of 'Citalopram withdrawal' tells me I'm in for some unpleasant side effects, and I'm worried about how on earth I'll cope with that at work, having surely used up my fainting quota by now. It'll be reet, I'm just getting preemptive nerves. Weirdly, being a nutjob + driving = no problem so far. I look forward to my lessons, at the moment at least. I thought I'd be mega-anxious and while I have what I'd call a slightly higher than average level of nerves, I'm mostly just concentrating on not crashing into anything. Having said that, I had my first anxiety dream about crashing a couple of nights ago, OF COURSE I DID.