I had a headache filled but merry weekend. I think I developed one of those migraines the young folk keep talking about due to spending too much time in front of the computer at work. It wasn't so much pain as pressure behind my left eye, accompanied by greater than normal feelings of confusion, and nausea and sleepiness. NOPLEASE. So I was extra careful today at work although I didn't quite manage one of those 'lunch breaks' those young people are so fond of. Maybe tomorrow, if I can persuade folk to eat with me and put with my repulsive face.
ENOUGH OF WOE, for I had a lovely weekend anyway. We trolled off to 'North Shields' to visit friends on Saturday, which was an excellent experience. I went on the Metro for the first time ever. It was like the Tube they have in That London, but much less complicated and with politer people who at least understand the concept behind letting you get off the train before forcing their hideous forms into the train themselves. It was cool. I became slightly obsessed with the Tube during my time in The South and always thought that if it was ever less horrifically busy, it'd be fun to just ride it round all day. OK I AM A GEEK. North Shields was also nice, we trolled around the Fish Quay to look at boats and it was FUN. I often find that quayside are get proper gentrified and hideous, but I thought that this place had some edge. It was a lovely day, which left me going 'Awww, what a nice day' inanely for some time.
Yesterday I improved the insulation in my house and also did a bit of gardening. I am preparing for potato planting time. I've chased up Allotment council Man for the billionth time to see where I am on the list, because I've kind of had to annex a bit of communal garden as my balcony is limited in size. AS AM I. In the evening we trolled off to see Mrs Doubtfire, a film which I had hitherto NEVER SEEN and everyone reacted exactly as you probably are now, dear reader. I loved it though, IT WAS FOOLISH.
Had driving lesson 3 today, I learnt 'gears'. It is really confusing. I need practise. It was fun though, I went REALLY FAST, up to about 40 mph, which is, of course, unnatural AND A SIN. Still enjoying it though, as is, I imagine, my instructor.
Celestial Julian aka my dad is currently IN INDIA, or INJAAAAAH as I have taken to saying. I am a bit jealous. Nobody from my immediate family has left Europe before and I wanted to be the first with 'Mongolian adventure'. It is fine though, I will come to forgive him.
Trolllaptop is on its very last legs now, meaning that I am going to speed up desktop purchase to next month, once I am paid. I know what site I wish to order from but cannot choose between some, PLEASE TO HELP. I know what I WANT from a desktop, I just don't know if the desktop in question will do said things. If anyone knows stuff, please let me 'know'. Otherwise I will be lumbered with 'giant expensive box' suitable for only making into 'a fort'.