o how I have been a-socialising, much to the horror of both my grandmothers who assume that me not answering the landline is the same as me having shuffled of this mortal coil. I felt guilty at seeing several missed calls from each of them so I have rung my nan and am also waiting for my gran to ring me back, having interrupted her tea. I am Dutiful Grandchild.
We trolled off to celebrate Little Alastair's birthday yesterday, he is now a bairn of 24. We discussed how a humorous nickname for me would be Medikatie, due to all my sanity snackage, hence this wise blog title. This weekend I have been mostly gardening. Observe.

I have been building up a steady supply of compost, limited as I am by being able to carry only a couple of bags at a time, being three quarters the size of a proper person. I have bought some daffodils and 'recycled' some winter pansies that I had rescued but are no longer with us by adding them to compost. I had some good news, although not as brilliant as it could be, re. allotments. I'm now third on the list for one site AND they are building more allotments there so HOPEFULLY there will be something coming up next month. That would be awesome. Who needs therapy when you throw all your enthusiasm into gardening? Also the crows I am feeding using the bird feeder are becoming more daring. I put out their almonds the other day and no sooner was my back turned then an entire FLOCK appeared. Maybe one day they will leave me baby crow for me to rear as my very own.
The long-awaited pay day has heralded me ordering a desktop, which should arrive next week. I was lucky enough to get some excellent advice on what kind to get, and of course, most importantly, I will no longer have to update my blog from my table, which is a right pain. I will also be able to withdraw from society and PLAY COMPUTER GAMES. SILENT HUNTER FOREVER.