I'm in full emo mode after a couple of weeks of anxiety, for that is the pattern of my insanity. Luckily the pattern, if it exists, also means that I will be OK again in approx 1.5 weeks, but I am NOT fond of myself in emo mode. At least when I'm anxious, I can be reasoned with and I'll get myself to the doctor and stuff, and although it's scary because literally everything is scary then (which is kind of the problem) I actually do stuff. Now, people could be all like 'OMG Katie would you like to meet Mads Mikkelsen, aka your celebrity crush, and then drink coffee, aka your favourite thing ever, and then eat cake and pizza, aka your favourite foods, then visit a u-boat museum?' and I'd be all like 'Noplease, I'd prefer to hide under my duvet if that is OK'. I feel like a blobfish with occasional moments of anxious desperation at work where I'm all like 'antilol, litch cannot cope with any of this at all'. I think it's made me a bit homesick too. I was thinking of waiting till April to troll back home, since I'll be off twice in that month (Celestial Birthday and Celestial Easter) and there's not much point waiting till late March, aka 'next available weekend' and o woe it costs so much money these days to go by train, but lately I've kind of been thinking I should just go home, and if it turns out that I'll have been home 3 weekends in 30 days, it might not be a bad thing. It's hard to remain in Blobfish mode when you have a sister as ridiculous as my sister Cerys (who is absent-minded enough to need reminding to come out of the shower otherwise she just stands there and forgets, being a child of very little brain).
When I have stopped being a miserybucket I will try and sort out some of the problems that have caused this woe in the first place. In other news, OMG Viking festival on Saturday. I think I've abandoned my plan to go down to York on both Saturday and Sunday because I am bone-achingly tired at the moment and would quite like to reserve Sunday for sleeping, and MAYBE a BIT of cake eating, but I will get myself down to York on the Saturday at least and see all the friendly folk dressed as Vikings. IT WILL BE FUN. Trolleagues and I were discussing the Viking view of homosexuality, and my research on said discussion led me to a very interesting website all about Vikings. Turns out the Vikings WEREN'T the tolerant and gentle folk they are so often regarded as, even with regard to homosexuality, which historically has always been a fairly non-contentious subject*. If I get to dress as a Viking, and Odin-willing, I will, I will be a tolerant one. I've spent some time on the interesting website reading all about Vikings but it's only made me want to learn Old Norse, which I've already done a bit aided by Memrise but I have to try and rein in all this insanity a bit.
I've also started a slightly saner Coursera course about property law. My terrorism course finished but I missed the final exam by two days because I was busy going mental, so I won't get a final grade for it, which is REALLY ANNOYING. I suppose it is not the end of the world because I wasn't doing the course for any reason other than I found it interesting (and the lecturer was hot) but I could have kicked myself when I found out I'd missed the deadline. I may have to take things easy re. obsessive learning so as not to contribute to my mental decline.
O dog of neighbours doth bark. EARPLUG TIME.

*I'm doing sarcasm.