Wise. I trolled northwards to see little Rose and all the delights of Edinburgh yesterday. Well, a few of the delights because I wasn't there very long. We had burgers, they were delicious. It was nice to troll around with Rose. On the way back, I REFUSED to be trolled by the highly wise Bus Meets Train scheme again – on this occasion, the train got in at 18.58 and the bus left at 18.57, which I'm SURE is just designed to annoy me. But while I would normally have stood resentfully at the bus stop waiting an hour for the next bus, I took a walk towards Alnmouth and it was pretty:
It was odd being back at work today. It feels like a million years, approx, since I was last there. I've not forgotten Dutch or German though, so that's always a bit of a bonus. 'Mental-wise' I do not really know how I am currently. I seem to veer violently from being Proper Confident Young Woman to being small heap on the floor who is eating her own hand with worry. Hopefully things will stabilise soon.
Talking of veering violently, WOW I JUST DID MY TENTH DRIVING LESSON SUCH FUN. I can do some things independently, or at least, semi-independently now. I even drove myself back to my abode and across SOME COBBLES. It is fun and a good way of occupying the mind for a bit. I would quite like to practice away from other vehicles and indeed the road itself, but to do this I would need a) a car that nobody wanted and b) a fairly large patch of land. Maybe if I get a MASSIVE allotment.