My garden is blooming (that is not meant to be an innuendo of any kind):
Also I don't know how, but my cauliflowers have got mental big. Please note that I've previously failed to grow carrots, radishes and garlic on my balcony, all of which are surely easily than cauliflower. But look:

That is just one out of my two cauliflower containers. I think I will have to buy more at the weekend – there's two or three in each container and each of them has a Chief Cauliflower that will end up eclipsing the others, which is not at all fair or just, so it's time I spaced them out a bit. This month's a bit difficult in terms of 'spare pesky cash' because I've spent my money on trinkets, but I'll just eat slightly less to be able to afford YET MORE gardening stuff.
I ate a lot today. I went insane and tried to have 'healthy' nachos, before realising that there is no point in trying to make something so delicious healthy. I added diced tomatoes, sliced artichoke hearts, garlic, diced onion, sliced olives, radishes, black beans together, mixed them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then put them on nacho chips THEN ATE THEM. IT WAS SO GOOD. A happy surprise as I just made it up to use up stuff I had in my kitchen, and usually when I make recipes up, the result is misery followed by a trip to the takeaway.
I am looking forward to trolling home in a couple of weeks for my Celestial Birthday. As always, I can't really process my Great Age, which admittedly will only be 26 which I know is not old, but the discrepancy between how old I feel a lot of the time (around 12, with a sense of humour to match, but occasionally around 88, with a fashion sense to match) and how old I actually am seems to grow. Also, 26 is a good age to have a baby. I should probably have a baby. Yeah, I'll just have a baby. OK I shut up now.