I think one of my priorities in this whole 'learning to drive' thing is to arrange my face so it doesn't look as terrified, because while amusing for my instructor, I think it will worry other drives if they see someone with my lunatic face behind the wheel. For example, today we went on the country roads outside town and got to use FOURTH GEAR!! Keep in mind that my default face is slightly worried-looking (AS WELL IT MIGHT, I HAVE A DISABILITY DON'T YOU KNOW). This is what happens.

It was fun though, zooming (OK I KNOW THAT 50MPH IS NOT THE FASTEST SPEED EVER ATTAINED BY MAN) along the country roads. I think I liked it because there were no other cars about.
The ungodly agony in my stupid wisdom tooth has abated slightly although the lockjaw still remains, which makes me eating cake an even more tragic sight that normal, as I have to crumble the cake into little parcels I can post between my teeth. The gum feels less swollen though, so maybe I'll unhinge my jaw in time for BIRTHDAY CAKE NEXT WEEK. O wow it is my last Monday of being 25. Probably the 26 year-old Katie will see Mondays as a fresh and exciting opportunity and not as a mini version of Ragnarök. I don't think I've been further south than York since Christmas, although the old memory might be fading (to be expected at my age), and I'm experiencing great confusion on a number of matters. Like what to call the meal you eat in the evening. Before I went to school it was tea, because my mother was determined to bring her children up Scousely despite living in southern realms. But when I went to school I had to say dinner because people got very confused by the concept of 'eating tea'. It then remained dinner until I moved here, where nearly everyone calls it tea (even in Sheffield I'm pretty sure it was a 50/50 split thus no reason for me to change). But now people look at me like I regularly hunt pheasants if I call it dinner, so I must re-revert. It's like the whole tig/tag debacle again. How will I cope back in the Midlands, which is quite a confused area culturally and linguistically speaking anyway? OK I am probably worrying about this too much, it is just because I spend 40% of my time thinking about sociolinguistics (10% about the futility of all my efforts and life itself, 30% about cake, 20% about coffee and what would happen if I ever ran out).
Aims for next month include GOING TO A GIN BAR and perhaps also drinking more absinthe. I AM FINE, I WILL NOT DO THIS WHEN DRIVING. In May I'm hoping to troll down to That London and visit EPIC VIKING EXHIBITION. Then it is June when I get to troll Sweden for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, REJOICE.