I know I'm not exactly renowned for NOT being as soft as cotton wool if not softer, but even I'm surprised by how much a little cat over in Sweden has tugged on my supposedly ice-cold heartstrings. I'd never properly been able to relate to pet bereavement before, and here's me getting sad about a much-loved member of that family over the water who I keep obsessively visiting. He passed away yesterday, and at first I thought the miserable feeling in my stomach was because I felt so sad for Little Rhian, which I do very much, but even as a non-cat-person, I too will miss little Custard. Even though he terrified me when I met him back in May because he ran around so very much and so very quickly, I developed quite a fondness for him. I'd never so much as picked up a cat before but by the end of that week in May, I was fairly cool with Custard deciding to sit on me as I sat on the toilet. I didn't even flinch too much when he kept trying to grab my face, and when I woke up at around 3am during my visit in December to find Custard sleeping on top of me, I was only a BIT frightened.
I know that he's not in pain anymore, and now the uncertainty's gone, I can maybe stop obsessively checking my phone for updates and needing to leave the office to have 'a bit of a moment'. Poor small Swedefriends. It is a horrible thing to go through.

Me and a content-looking Custard back in May, once he'd stopped dashing round the house, popping up in unexpected places to troll me, and decided to start carving out a place in my affections.
I have been trying to keep my mind occupied with gardening (obviously, and easier now that the evenings are lighter), online law courses (an attempt to turn me into GoodTranslator) and Goat Simulator. The latter is probably not a sensible way of spending my time – in fact, it's the stupidest computer game I've ever played. You're a goat, and you get to run round and smash things. You can attach yourself to a jetpack. Blow stuff up. Kidnap humans by sticking them to your tongue and running round with them. I sometimes think that in life, literally ALL YOU CAN DO is play a computer game where you pretend to be a goat and create havoc. It doesn't make much sense, but then, loads of things don't make sense.