My first post as a WOMAN IN HER LATE 20s which is fine, obviously, I'm totally a proper person and not freaking out over this.
We were going to troll over to St Fagan's open air museum because everyone has told me 'OMG Katie how you shall love this place etc', and also, when I went to Big Pit last year it was GREAT and possibly the best museum I've been to, so I assume all museums in Wales are equally good. Sadly, however, it did verily rain for most of the morning and my mum suggested it would be less than fun to troll round an open air museum given the inclement conditions. This was fine. I still wished to frolic in Wales, so we trolled over to Hay on Wye to look at the millions of bookshops WITHOUT the unbenefit of a billion Guardian readers treading on us and complaining about the lack of WiFi.
We ate at Oscar's Bistro, where they were most generous with their salad:
IT WAS DELICIOUS. Then we spent some time in Booth's Bookshop:
I could have quite happily spent the day there, I think. I was quite restrained and only bought one book, which I think is admirable. I thought I wouldn't be interested in bookshops as much now that I go to Barter Books most weekends, but no, I still love them, and the ones in Hay are especially fun because they are often over several floors, and there are hidden bits all over the place. Perhaps I shall run a bookshop, although not for profit obviously because that is Capitalism.
I managed to fit in a fair bit to my extended weekend at home, which is good. I saw little Edward and little Nerys on Sunday and we enjoying experiencing cocktails, along with the thriving metropolis of Hereford on a Sunday evening. I'm hopping on a train back to Alnwick this afternoon but shall not be sorrowful, as I'll be back the weekend after next to frolic for Easter, even if the price of train tickets sends my hair grey (that, and my great age). I might go and sit in the garden before then and see if my friends the cats appear.