I sometimes think that I should send the local council pictures of my garden as proof of why I NEED an allotment quite soon, largely because I'm not sure how so much plant can be on so little balcony while not constituting a health and safety hazard:

I spent roughly four hours gardening today, lost track of time and trailed a LOT of soil into my house. The good thing about living alone, apart from the crushing loneliness and the lack of need to cry in the shower since nobody can see you anyway, is that there is nobody to tell you off for getting soil everywhere.
I planted tomato seeds (some for a 'tomato bush', and some more normal tomatoes). These will hopefully, when they're old enough, go into the hanging tomato planter which you can't see in the above picture because it's balanced precariously over the edge of the balcony. Said planter currently just has two sorrowful-looking adult plants, and I accidentally snapped the stalk of one of them, epic woe. I also planted patio aubergines and 'butterbushes', which I think are like butternut squashes but smaller, specially designed for 'patio gardens', if that's what you could call my balcony.
Also look at these:
The flower is quite possibly a Siberian bluebell although I cannot be certain. I know I do have Siberian bluebells somewhere in the garden (and I fear they don't really like being in containers, NEED AN ALLOTMENT).
You will note that my potatoes are doing fine, as far as I can tell. I'm a bit sad because once I've harvested them (assuming there is a harvest and I'm not visited by the blight of my ancestors), I can't grow potatoes there again straightaway, and potatoes are the best things to grow, easily. HOWEVER, they might be a good place for the squashes to grow, if they do indeed grow. You'll also note the King Cauliflower, most successful of the 6 cauliflower plants I bought some time last August, when they looked like this:
Only 5 out of the 6 are still with us (and to be honest, I'm Concerned about a couple of the others), but LOOK how far the King Cauliflower has come!! They were reduced at Homebase because they were looking a bit die-y, but I helped them using my excess maternal instinct! I do get a sense of achievement out of all this. I wheeled my desk chair out onto the balcony and sat with a cup of tea, listening to Elgar (Nimrod), because I'm Radio 4 in the form of a person, and it was so lovely. I didn't even mind that I was covered in soil from head to foot. I wish I'd been able to do more of this during my Insanity Leave but alas, I wasn't able to do much then.
I'm back off to my long-suffering GP to talk to her about my long-suffering brain in a couple of weeks. It's POSSIBLE that I'll be reducing sanity snack dosage, with a view to very slowly coming off them. I have mixed feelings about this, although they are mostly positive. Sometimes in the morning I just look at these boxes of antidepressants I have huddled around on my bedside table like they're holding a funeral for my sanity, and I think 'I could just not take them today'. I always do, because they've been prescribed to me by people who know far more about medicine and healthcare than I do, but I think it's a sign I'm sick of them; after all, they've been part of my life for over 18 months now. It'd be nice to wake up and NOT have my first action of the day being a reminder of how I'm officially insane/mental/'special'.
We shall see. Also, epic visit to Sweden grows ever-closer! I shall be there for TWO WHOLE WEEKS assuming I'm not thrown out! I must draw up a list of fun things I want to do OH YES THE SHIP MUSEUMS. OK I just go on googling spree now.