I used Easter to try and finally master the celestial Viking art of nålebinding, as is my custom. I can knit things other than long chains now, I can also knit MISSHAPEN HATS:
(you have to do SOMETHING while waiting for the bus)
It's fun though, it's kind of like knitting by way of sewing and you knit round and round, so hats are fairly simple to do. Socks and mittens are also possible. I might try and make little tiny booties which may end up festooning some unfortunate baby. Someone on the internet has nålebinded a dress, but I think that's a bit much for me for the moment. Nålebinding's less precise than knitting (or maybe it's just how I do it aka scruffily). Hang on, no! I gave up low self-esteem for Lent but just because Lent's over doesn't mean I have to take it up again! I did a good thing! I learnt a skill! Admittedly one that's slightly less essential than, say, learning first aid or how to drive, but still, my elderly brain can absorb some things.
Easter was fun, also. It's nice to go home and troll the family. I'm hoping to troll down next month too, and ALSO I will hopefully meet up with some of TrollFamily in Edinburgh next weekend. Alnwick's lovely, but I think it's emotionally healthy to get out of it at least once each month before you start becoming TOO ensconced. I merrily visited an Italian cafe with Sibling no. 3:

And 'helped' my mum garden, aka stood about with a cup of tea, hoping that one of next door's many cats (I think they have 5? Maybe 6?) would appear in the garden so I may stroke it and indulge my new-found regard for cats. I made friends with around 3 this weekend, generally on the trips to and from church, of which there were many. I also accidentally persuaded my mum to buy me a small blackberry cane, which I cheerfully transported back with me on Epic Train Journey today. It was actually one of the more pleasant train journeys I've had. Granted, it took over five hours which is longer than any sane person would ideally like to be on a train, but I only had to change once, and was able to knit and watch films and see the sun set and that. It went fairly quickly.
Plans for the next few months include driving lesson tomorrow (postponing anxiety about that one till 4pm tomorrow), seeing the doctor on Thursday to discuss how mad I currently am, trolling to Edinburgh to see TrollFamily on Saturday, and potentially trolling down to London next month to see the Viking Exhibition, if I can afford the train fare without remortgaging my face. THEN it'll be June, aka Temporary Emigration To Sweden Month, during which I'll festoon Rhian's miniature niece with awful stuff I've knitted behave like a sensible and normal person. Many things to look forward to, such busy, so sane adult, wow.