I was overcome by a fit of LOL TRAINS today and when booking my train to Edinburgh to meet with Celestial Relatives on Saturday, decided I'll spend NEXT Saturday in 'London' to visit the Viking exhibition at the British Museum. I cannot believe it is free to get in! Loads of museums in London are free, and yet when I lived but half an hour away by train, I only ever visited shops selling Dillchips (omnomnomnomdillchipsyespleaseomnomnomnomnom) and didn't go to any museums at all. It'll only cost £37 to go there and back in the same day, which is not bad considering London's basically King's Landing and I live north of Craster's Keep. I'm considering also visiting an absinthe bar, although am undecided as to whether I should do this before or after museum. I think I'll like London a lot more knowing that I'm just visiting it. Haven't been further south than the Celestial West Midlands since I left Buckinghamshire Job. I wonder if I'll experience some kind of culture shock? Perhaps I'll have a friendly chat with some Londoners about rental costs in Northumberland as opposed to 'the capital'. That'll make them happy.
I've also been knitting/nålbinding but have hit something of a wall because I can't figure out how to make little socks. Or socks of any size actually. I've seen various techniques described on That There Internet but none of them go into much detail. Woe and alas. I might have to learn by trial and error.
Also made the most of lighter evenings by trolling my garden this evening. Bought some dying tomato plants and some wilting honeysuckle BECAUSE I LOVE A CHALLENGE #rockon. I've started to get a bit scared by the potatoes and cauliflower:
I know they probably WON'T rise out of their growbags and kill me as I sleep, but they're right outside my window and they are growing really fast. I'm quite looking forward to harvesting them so that they won't scare me as much.
Yesterday I did driving, and despite freaking out about it all day (how is it possible to have panic attacks AS YOU WAKE UP??), it was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. We took things a little easier this time, I suspect to build up my confidence, and hardly anything went wrong and I didn't have such a death-grip on the steering wheel.
On a slightly related note, I'm trotting off to the GP tomorrow morning to discuss whether I'm still insane in a bad way. Well, I am, but the purpose of the discussion would be to ascertain whether I should continue to take medicine for being insane in a bad way. I'm feeling more and more like I want to come off it. In a sense I don't have a huge amount to lose, as I've already done the whole panic attacks/weeping in public thing on multiple occasions, and this is while I've been on the medication. I don't see how I could be significantly madder without it. It'd be weird though, meeting my unmedicated brain again after more than 1.5 years. What if I don't recognise myself anymore? What if I'm less enthusiastic about Vikings and knitting and gardening and coffee?
I think it's a case of taking things slowly, like making a right turn from a minor road into a major road. If I find that I'm getting somehow more mental, or even that my fantastic personality starts changing in ways I don't like, I'll be able to go back on medication. I've ridden out the initial side effects before, and I can do it again. Nothing can be scarier than going on medication for the first time. I'm proper nails now like.
OH also does anyone have creative ideas for planting strawberries on patios/balconies? I have six plants in little individual pots at the moment, which is fine but not very interesting. I've got about 12 other strawberry plants in hanging growbags and they're doing fine, but I'd like something that's different but that also doesn't take up too much space. Answers on 'a postcard'.