REJOICE. Magically, loads of tickets for the Viking exhibition appeared online and I was able to have a choice of timeslots. Even though I will now have no savings whatsoever to carry over till next month, I booked those tickets. I'm now researching 'that London'. I think everything I want to do is in roughly the same place. I'm going to get FALAFEL, raid the Scandi Kitchen yet again and maybe go to the British Library too. I never did any of this stuff when I lived near London. I was too busy hating the fact that I lived near London, which I suppose was silly. I think, like most capital cities, I find it nicer to visit than live in. I'll be happy to be coming back to Northumberland, although hopefully after a most pleasant day.
I made use of the light after work today to GARDEN in a poncey way:
I've bought a strawberry stackable planter thing and have used the pots the strawberries were in to rehome some unhappy and wilting tomato plants I rescued from Wilkos. Garden now looks like this:
The terrifying things in the foreground are the potatoes. You can see a couple of the smaller cauliflowers to the left in the foreground, too. The biggest of the cauliflowers, which you can't see in the picture, looks like it's actually trying to escape from the balcony now. It can't be too long until it actually produces some kind of cauli, although I think 3 of the others are a bit too small to do anything at the moment. I was taking out the binbag yesterday (to the bins, not on some kind of date. My loneliness levels are not yet that high), and discovered a couple of pensioners chatting admiringly about my garden. I consider this to be an EPIC WIN.