I got to the beach in the end after being thwarted by typically unpredictable British weather and occasional rain yesterday. I could not cope with the uncertainty and decided to stay in my house, drink wine, and watch Eurovision. It was while doing this that I – at the age of 26 – received my first ever drinking-related injury. Yes. I stabbed myself with some nail scissors, drawing considerable blood, after convincing myself that my nails needed to be cut RIGHT THERE AND THEN since it's unlucky to cut your nails on a Sunday, which I still recognise as being true despite now being sober.
I say that was my first drinking-related injury, that is a lie, come to think of it. The first was when I was 17 and got propelled into a tree in Austria after some over-enthusiastic arm-in-arm dancing. I was in Austria at the time, it wasn't like I was dancing back home and was propelled SO FAR that I ended up in Austria, as the way I worded that previous sentence may have suggested. Where was I? OH YES THE WALK TO THE BEACH.
They say walks are good for mental people, and as I've noticed a SLIGHT resurgence in anxiety symptoms (that horrible cramp that darts through your stomach, which I'd hardly felt at all since Celestial Diagnosis 2 years back), I thought it would be a good idea. I think it's only good for my mental health because after 3 hours of walking I'm so sick of the negative thoughts in my own head that I can finally force myself to think of something positive. IN THIS CASE, JACKDAWS.

See how they swagger! They came up really close because they wanted some of the raspberry turnover and coffee picnic I was imbibing (the diet's going really well, I am so glad you asked). They are so intelligent! You can see it in their little eyes, they are bright birds. There were some rooks too but they were shyer. It reminded me of when I was around 12 and volunteered at an animal rescue place for the day, accompanied by my dad's little parents. They had some rescued corvids of some variety and there was this guy who worked there who was the only one they trusted, and he could get up really close to them and even stroke them, albeit with some caution. I remember being most jealous. I considered staying on the beach overnight and maybe asking the jackdaws to adopt me, but then I thought this wasn't sane, and besides, it was getting cold.
IMG_20140511_145015 - CopyIMG_20140511_152142 - Copy
My legs hurt now, and Myfitnesspal says I haven't even justified those raspberry turnovers with such a massive walk, which doesn't seem fair. Driving lesson tomorrow. Ever since The Bad Lesson I've felt really nervous before lessons, even though I've had two (maybe three?) lessons since then that went really well. But I guess that's a problem, really, in the way I think about stuff – I only seem to remember the bad. BUT the first step to solving this problem is recognising it's a problem, etc etc.
On a gardening note, I've decided I'm not allowed to buy any new plants that aren't on special offer until the end of the months. I went over my accounts yesterday. The two aren't unrelated. Since Friday and in separate instances, I've bought a strawberry plant, another strawberry planter, a chilli plant, a mini greenhouse and two tomato plants. This is getting out of hand. Why hasn't anyone tried to stop me? OH YES BECAUSE GARDENING IS AWESOME.