Craster, of course, did not contain any elderly men with scores of children, a violent attitude and an inappropriate relationship with their wives/daughters. And that /, of course, is an and rather than an or.
It wasn't much like Game of Thrones at all, really, it was pleasant and quiet.
I went up to Dunstanburgh Castle, about a mile away from the village. You had to pay to get into the actual castley ruiny bit, but I think it was worth it.

You got to frolic round and climb on stuff and things. There were far more birds there than humans, and the birds were way louder than the humans that were there. I think next time, if I plan out my day a bit better, I might walk up to Embleton, past the castle, for there is a nice beach there. As it was, I was getting hungry and thirsty like a grumpy child, so I went to the shop – the only shop – and ate FALAFEL SANDWICHES. I think later in the summer I'll go to Warkworth. There's so much nice Northumbrianness around me and I've not ticked much off the list. Bamburgh and Lindisfarne, obvs, but there's so much more I haven't seen or done. I discovered yesterday that my three hours in moderate sunshine had produced sunburn because it seems I only need to think of the sun and I start burning to a crisp.
Today I bought a new dress from Dotty Ps for a mere fiver, but I'm paranoid that it makes me look like the Tory Party Conference in human form so I'm not sure whether I should wear it in public. More importantly, I did a LOT of gardening. My mini butternut squashes have appeared!
To be honest, I'd totally given up hope they'd ever appear, and I have to sheepishly admit that I'd planted tomato or aubergine seedlings over them, which I've since had to re-pot. 3 out of the 6 I planted have appeared so far, which isn't bad going at all. I have a lot of aubergine seedlings (although still only a very limited number of tomato seedlings) and am having to beg colleagues to take them off my hands. Luckily a few of my colleagues also like gardening because they are wise, so hopefully the seedlings will find a home.
This is the result of my toils today:
The potatoes are threatening me, metaphorically, so I felt I needed to move them further away from my window. I potted a lot of the seedlings but there are STILL MORE in the tray that I don't have the space to move out, even with excessive garden reorganisation as I did here. I pruned the wilted cauliflower leaves in the hope of saving Clan McWilty, as my cauliflower population's now known, unfortunately (King Cauliflower remains, touch wood, healthy). Planted some poppies in those grey balcony planters from Lidl you can see in the foreground to the left. I was out there for a good three hours. I am quite tired now.
Back home tomorrow weekend, REJOICE. It has verily come round quickly. I'm hoping to troll to my favourite vegan cafe in Worcester. And under a month till I troll Sweden! Aunty Rhian says that if I behave, I'll get to go to a VIKING MUSEUM. I'm not allowed to think about that too much otherwise I get too happy. I have to do a bit less gardening and a bit more improving my Swedish, too. I've been officially 'trying to learn' it for well over a year now and I'm STILL too terrified to do speaking even though I understand most of many newspaper articles and stuff.
Now I am to devour my lasagne. And maybe do a BIT of internet research on seedling swaps in the local area.