I know that really, I should SHUT UP about gardening for the love of all that is holy, but LOOK:
I've got three of these potato growbags, right, and the leaves have been terrifying me for some time. I read today that if you prune back the growth two weeks before harvest, it makes the potato skins a bit tougher. So I experimented a bit – I pruned two of the bags and left one. Selected one of the pruned bags to have a quick rummage around. It was like a lucky dip, and for some time, I didn't find anything at all, but THEN a potato appeared! Followed by a few more. They're all small, so I think I'll leave the rest of the growbag (and the other two) for a while longer, possibly with a view to harvesting just before I leave for Sweden. The ones I've collected today will be enough to have as part of tomorrow's meal. With first early potatoes, I think you can't store them for much longer than a week or so, which means potato might be on the menu for a while yet.
Muhaha. It's silly really, it's just some tiny potatoes that I probably dug up a bit too early anyway (and planted too early as well because I'm like an overexcited child). But it has produced SUCH HAPPY.
I might join an online gardening forum of some kind.