Yesterday a monumental event occurred in the story of my garden, and indeed, of my life: yes! I got to eat a meal that was partly made of stuff I'd grown on the balcony. Only a small part – the potato harvest was indeed quite modest in quantity, although not quality, but STILL.

(recipe's based on this, although I added cherry tomatoes and olives because YOLO).
The potatoes were DELICIOUS. I spent about four hours in the garden yesterday digging them up, sorting out the soil, accidentally buying leeks and lettuce from the Roots and Shoots garden in Alnwick, etc. I went to the Roots and Shoots garden again today, actually. It's a vegetable garden which, unlike the rest of the Alnwick Garden, is free to visit, but I way prefer looking round vegetable gardens anyway, so I win. They're selling a few vegetables at very reasonable prices – better than lots of garden centres – so I had to get a few things. All my cauliflowers are currently looking sad and wilty again, having perked up after I stopped watering them totally for a couple of weeks (I only gave them a TINY bit of water), so I'm hoping that planting the lettuce round some of the cauliflowers will absorb some of the excess moisture in the soil.
Yeah, I did most of my errands on Saturday morning in order to make space for gardening. Also stayed up late reading the last diaries of Tony Benn. Once I'd got about 70% of the way through I thought I had to get to the end, even though it was approaching 2am. It all made me quite sad, I did a bit of sobbing. He uses the word 'depressed' a lot, usually in connection with how he feels about the state of the Labour party today, and it made me wonder if there'd ever be my longed-for Old Labour revolution, or whether they'd just keep creeping right until they're totally indistinguishable from the Tories. It was a great read, though, very human. I wished I'd have emailed him, even if I hadn't have said anything especially intelligent or insightful. I'm thinking of combining my interests in gardening and socialism by growing some red carnations, but I've not seen any for sale yet.
I've not done much Celestial Holiday preparation at all. I'm off to Sheffield on Wednesday, so I've mostly been arranging that while occasionally remembering that SwedeHoliday is but a couple of weeks away and I need to start packing stuff at some point. I've never been on holiday for this long before except with Celestial Family, and at least then, my terrifying mother would ensure I hadn't forgotten anything. I might have to start writing long and insane-looking lists.